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Quotes For Demolition










 108 E. 1st Street 

UDALL, KS 67146 


Copies of the demolition specifications and other contract documents are on file and available for public inspection at the following offices: 


City Of Udall 

110 S. Main Street 

Udall, KS 67146 


Quotes shall be submitted in sealed envelope for each individual address and not in combination.   


The City of Udall reserves the right to reject any and all quotes, to waive any minor irregularities which will not result in a substantial advantage for a party over other persons or firms. 


No proposal will be accepted from any person or firm, who is in arrears to the City of Udall upon debt on contract, who is in default as surety, or otherwise upon any obligations to the City, or who has failed in previous contracts to comply with the requirements of the specifications, and to fulfill their contract.  Contractors must be licensed by the City of Udall and hold the necessary, current, bond and insurance documentation to perform the required work or submission will not be accepted. 


If the quote amount is in excess of $100,000, the successful person or firm shall furnish a surety bond, running to the Owner, conditioned upon prompt, full and complete performance and a surety bond in accordance with K.S.A. 60-1111. 


All proposals shall be made and received with the express understanding that the person or firm accepts the terms and conditions contained in these requests, specifications, forms of contract, and the bonds referred to herein.  All quotes shall be valid for a minimum of 90 days from the time of opening. 



Proposals are to be in the hands of the City Clerk, sealed envelope, prior to the opening of proposals to take place at City Hall, 110 S. Main Street, Udall, KS, at 4:00 P.M. CDT,  5/9/2023. 


Matt McAllister 


      City of Udall, Kansas 


Date: Thursday, April 6, 2023 





  1. Schedule.  All work proposed in this quote shall be completed within sixty (60) calendar days from the “Notice to Proceed.”  The penalty for work not completed within the said time frame shall be two hundred dollars ($200.00) per day until satisfactory completion of such work. 


  1. Utilities.  Prior to commencing work, the contractor shall determine that all utilities have been disconnected.  The City shall be responsible for disconnecting the main electrical, gas and water lines.  Wheat State Technologies shall be responsible for all telephone lines.  Wheat State Technologies shall be responsible for all cable TV lines.  The contractor shall be responsible for properly capping the sewer lines.  Should the contractor find any utilities (exclusive of sewer lines), main telephone or cable TV lines still connected to the structure, he shall contact the City and not commence work until said utilities or lines are removed by the appropriate agency. 


  1. Foundations.   
  1. Crawl space foundations (including footing) shall be removed from the site. 
  1. Basements and foundations shall be completely removed. 
  1. Slabs on grade shall be removed. 


  1. Fill. 
  1. Backfill material for crawl space foundations shall be fine dirt free of large rocks  

                  and vegetation.  Backfill material shall be compacted to the best extent possible. 

  1. Backfill operations for basements shall be as follows: 


  1. 1. Fill sand shall be used to a level three feet below street grade.
  2. Fine dirt free of large rocks and vegetation shall be used to fill the remaining  

                   portion of the basement to a level that affords positive drainage of the site.  All  

                   soil fill materials shall be compacted to Type B (MR-90) specifications.   

                   Moisture content shall be sufficient to produce a uniform mixture of the soil  

                   and moisture.  Earth material shall be placed in horizontal layers not exceeding  

                   eight (8) inches (loose measurement) and shall be compacted as specified  

                   before the next layer is placed.  Compacted density of soil to be such that the  

                   sheepsfoot roller, while rolling the layer or life will walk out of the material  

                   and ride the top portion of the lift. 

  1. The finished grade shall be a minimum of twelve inches above the top of curb 

                   or the center of the street if there is no curb and shaped to drain. 


  1. Backfill material shall only be place during normal working hours of the  

                Engineering Department.  Contractor shall notify the City of Udall at Least 24 hours prior to beginning any backfill operations. 


  1. Stormwater ProtectionThe Contractor shall be responsible for and required to install and maintain all  

     erosion and sediment control methods until such time that all disturbed areas are 75-percent occupied by dense vegetation.  Once 75-percent occupied it shall be the responsibility of the contractor to remove and dispose of such erosion control measures. Nothing herein prohibits the Contractor from seeding or sodding the disturbed area to expedite vegetation  



  1. Sewer Lines.  All sewer lines shall be capped a minimum of three feet from the 

           sewer main or at the property line, utilizing concrete or an approved plug and shall    

           be inspected by the Sewer Department. When ready to place the concrete plug, contact the City of Udall. 




  1. The site including any yard, curb and gutter, sidewalk, drainage structure or  

           portion of the street, which is damaged during the course of the work, shall be  

           restored to original or better condition. 


  1. All debris shall be removed from the site and disposed of at the Cowley County  

           C&D Landfill, the Cowley County Transfer Station or in a legal manner as  

           approved by the City of Udall. 


  1. The Contractor shall identify the names and addresses of any sub-contractor(s)  

           which it plans to use, provided no sub-contractor shall be employed by the  

           Contractor unless the City has given written approval prior to the issuance of a  

           contract for the demolition work. 


  1. Labor and equipment incorporated into this project are exempt from the payment of  

          sales tax under the laws of the State of Kansas and such sales tax shall not be  

          included in the proposal.  The Owner will furnish an exemption certificate number  

          to the Contractor.  At the conclusion of the project, the Contractor shall furnish the  

          Owner copies of all invoices identified with the aforementioned exemption number  

          covering all labor and equipment incorporated into the project. 


  1. If Contractor declines to quote on any property, write decline in the dollar amount space below. 





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           Quotes will be considered by the Udall City Council on 5/10/2023 during the regular    

           Udall City Council Meeting.