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Now Hiring for the Position of Court Clerk/Assistant City Clerk


Job description for Udall municipal court clerk & assistant city clerk = $15 - $17 per hour plus full benefits.

Municipal court clerk

  • Attend all Udall court hearings (2nd Tuesday of each month @ 6:00pm)
  • Responsible for all correspondence with judge, attorneys (both prosecutors and defense), attorneys’ legal assistants/paralegals, defendants
  • Keep all court records up to date (both electronically and paper files)
  • Regularly send files to and from Kansas DMV and KBI
  • Attend Kansas Municipal court clerk training yearly for (1-4 years)
  • Handle all payments from defendants towards cases
  • Send notices to appear
  • Create and send signed bench warrants
  • Handle bond paperwork and payments
  • Send orders of transport to jails when necessary


Assistant City Clerk

  • Answer the main phone line & take messages
  • Pick up and drop off mail daily
  • Receipt all payments
  • Fill out work orders for maintenance team and store for city clerk
  • Keep all paperwork in the office organized and triaged for city clerk
  • Keep all credit card payments up to date
  • Take deposits to bank daily
  • Schedule for Udall community building
  • Regularly update forms used by city clerk and court clerk
  • Create monthly Chit Chat for city
  • Drop off chit chat to local businesses and to post office
  • Attend IIMC City Clerk Institute, online and in person.

Please send application and resume to udallcty@cityofudall.com


City Clerk