Licensing & Permits

The City of Udall offers permits and licensing for a number of activities. 

Building Permits

Please be advised that the City of Udall requires permits for any and all construction work done on dwellings within city limits prior to the commencment of work. 

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Special Purpose Vehicle Permits

Worksite utility vehicles, micro utility trucks and golf carts must show proof of insurance and vehicle to be inspected for use on city streets.

Current Costs are $25.00 annually.

Pet Licenses

The City of Udall requires a license for all dogs and cats over six months of age that reside within city limits. The license must be purchased annually from the city clerk, expiring in April each year. Current proof of rabies vaccination is required. There is also an enfored leash law within the city limits. 

Current costs are $5.00 for each neutered male or spayed female, and $10.00 for each non-neutered male or unspayed female.  

Fishing Licenses

Fishing licenses can be purchased directly from the City of Udall office or from a local provider. 

Hunting Licenses

Hunting licenses are required, but not available for purchase directly from the City of Udall office.

Solicitors Permits

Solicitors operating within city limits must present government issued current photo identification.  Each individual going door-to-door is required to obtain a solicitor's permit.

Current costs are $25.00 per soliciting individual. Permits are valid for five days. 

Fowl Permits

Domestic fowl permits allow a maximum of 10 chickens per residence, no roosters, guineas or peacocks.

Current costs are $25.00 annually.

Contractor Licenses

All contractors require a license to operate in city limits. 

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